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Team ES: L$121,100 raised at Pirate Radio Sessions

6-8 June 2023

Pirate Radio Sessions @ the Team ES Campsite, Relay Regions Trackside

Our 2023 Team ES Campsite ' Radio Hope' inspired by the British Pirate Radio station Radio Caroline, was ready in time to party in Relay Week and we arranged 3 days of Pirate Radio Sessions on the deck of The Hope.

In our pirate finest, we Played, we DJed, and we Relayed a fantastic L$21,100. Then, and I had to blink 3 times, we received an anonymous L$100,000 donation and we reached a staggering L$1.5 million achieving Topaz Fundraising Club level.

So here's the updated season total today

L$: 1,522,750 = USD: $6,091.11

6000 REAL USD$ raised by REAL PEOPLE in a virtual world because we came together and gave a shit about something else for 4 months of the year!

Honestly it needs a few swear words to just express how fucking awesome this is!!!

I never expected this, you have truly wowed me and I could never raise this much with a community in RL, I do not even know this many people in RL!!

Thank you to everyone who supported this year's campsite build, especially to Nellie for allowing me to carve up her boat and make it into The Hope and even convincing me to put it on the diagonal (but I like symmetry! 🤣) It was just perfect.

Thank you to our Pirate Radio DJs for giving up your time and energy once more, and at short notice, to Relay and thank you to everyone who dressed up, joined the party and donated.

I heard someone comment during DJ Relay weekend that there is no cancer in SL! You are wrong! Cancer affects LIFE! We have a LIFE and this is the power of our very real virtual community saying F U Cancer!!!

Now who's coming to walk the track with me this weekend? For HOPE, for LIFE!!

Go Team ES!

We Play, We DJ, We Relay! 💜

Photos by Recki

More photos by Mr Memories


Team ES Page on ACS web


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