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DJ Relay 2023 - We smashed it!

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

18 Club Venues, 1 iDJStream, 63 DJ sets, 63 hours live to benefit Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society

Venues: Electro Space, BallerHalle, Ministry of Trance 2, The Drip Dance Club, Aqua Lounge, Ripple Effect, Flow Club, Cube24, Dvalinn Hangout, Club Omega, Lucid Dreams, Club Zero, The Distillery, Nyctophilia, Sirius Estates, Wish, Planet 13, El Pueblo

Stream Sponsor: iDJStream

Wow! 💜

Last year I wrote an emotional post about DJ Relay 2022 raising L$298,815 / $1195 USD in the first year as a Team, our first attempt at a DJ Relay and then look what we did this year!!

We absolutely smashed it and the team total even reached L$1.25 million achieving Ruby Fundraising team level during the Sunday with still more than 18 hours to go.

You wowed me!

However this was not easy, I know you felt it too. Cancer is not easy either! DJ Relay is a challenge; it's meant to test us, to throw us out of our usual comfort zones as we come together as one to think about others, to celebrate, remember and fight back for everyone we care about.

DJ Relay 2023 was longer, more venues and DJs took part. We had to be organised, coordinated, ready for anything and we had to read notecards!! We did not sleep much, we had to work through some tech issues and DJ changes and keep the energy up. It did not always go smoothly but we made it and we raised over half a million linden dollars together, doing what we do.


We raised an unbelievable and amazing

L$527,115 = USD$2,108.46


So many thoughts, comments, feedback shared over the weekend, mostly around the feel, the energy across the community as we jumped from venue to venue following the live stream, meeting new people, celebrating and relaying together. Local chat was buzzing, the music was uplifting and I agree, this is one of the best bits of DJ Relay. We are one.

I was the last DJ set of this year's Relay. I could barely play. 7am my time, the 63rd hour. I was tired and emotional and so many of you came out. I did not expect it, you were there with me to celebrate the final hours. I was so moved and my emotional speech at the end, with a backdrop of fireworks was a hard one to get out. I am just an events planner, a facilitator, the admin girl. I can organise things and boss everyone about a bit. I can write long notecards to bore you to tears but without you, without this community, nothing like this could ever be achieved. You gave your time, your energy and you to the cause, and you are amazing. 💜

Some Shout Outs

- to the Club Owner-Managers that agreed to take part, knowing it is a bit of a faff to organise but doing it anyway. For engaging your teams, decorating your venues and truly being present. This cannot ever happen without you first and foremost and I thank you all so so much for believing in what we do and making it happen with me. 💜

- to the DJs who gave up their time, entertained us live for 63 hours with some awesome music. This is what we do anyway I know but this time you did it for Relay, for lives affected by cancer. For hope. Thank you all so much for being part of it, I hope you had as much fun as I did. 🎶💜

- to the Hosts that kept our spirits up and reminded us why we are doing it. Vix, Alec, Elayne, Star, Sophia, Asika, Belen are some names I remember. You blew me away. From sharing personal stories of how cancer has affected your life to facts about The Society and their mission, you kept us focused and on track. I did not expect it, I did not even ask for it but wow you brought it!! This is something we as a Team can be better at and you inspired me. I hope we can do this again together next year. Bravo Hosts 💜

- to the Photographers, Martin, Vix, April, Alec, Nellie and all of you who captured our moments with photos and videos. Memories. It's important to be able to look back and smile and well it's just a bit special. Thank you everyone. There is a Facebook album that you can add your photos to if you have not done so already. I have added the link below.

- to Jym at iDJStream for sponsoring our DJ Relay again this year, providing a hybrid stream for us to play on for free. Always reliable and easy to use and I know you're there if tech ever fails us. Thank you so much.

- to everyone that joined us, supported us, donated your L$ and shared their personal stories. You made the atmosphere, you made the parties, you helped us raise over half a million L$. You did that! This is Relay and you were part of it. You are Relay 💜 Thank you everyone. It matters, you matter.

And finally

- to V, our Team ES Champion for the 2023 season.

*Updated June 2023. I have removed the words previously written in this section following conflict. V and his family are no longer part of Team ES .


This is how Team ES relays. We Play, we DJ, We Relay!

We're doing this anyway but for one DJ Relay weekend a year, we do it for those touched by cancer, for research, support and progress, for today, for the future and for humanity. This is why I do what I do and why a lot of you think I am crazy. This is why ES exists, to celebrate community. A community that looks beyond its own club walls, status, fame, popularity. A music community that gives so much that sometimes we don't even know the difference we make. This is the difference we can make to people, real people.

You are amazing 💜

Team total at the end of DJ Relay 2023

L$: 1,381,777 = USD: $5.527.11

Wow! Over a million L$ this season, over USD$ 5000 between February and June so far, just doing what we do! That is real.

Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of this. This is not one club, one person, one day. This is our community, this is all of you that supported and donated all season.

So what happens next?

Relay weekend season finale with Team campsites alongside our virtual track, ceremonies, parties and laps is June 10-11th when we come together as one Relay team to celebrate, remember and fight back.

Team ES has a themed campsite along the track and building is underway. We are also planning to hold a final Relay party there if we are ready in time. More information on this soon.

Please continue to donate when you see a Relay kiosk. The 2023 open RFL fundraising season runs until June 30th and then all totals are set to zero as we move into closed season. I'll post another update at this time.

We are almost at the finish line :) Go Go Go Team ES!

We Play, We DJ, We Relay!

We are an electronic music community team that come together for the RFL season to raise money to help the fight against cancer. Club Owners, Managers, DJs, Hosts, Sponsors, we raise money just doing what we love every day.

The key to fundraising success is togetherness, a community pulling together as one in the fight against cancer. We see this year after year with Relay for Life teams so be part of something and make a difference; it matters.

Team ES RFL Commitee

Recki Laville (ES) - Team Captain

Vesper Absinthe (Nightmare) - Team Champion Martin Matin - Team Events Photographer


Team ES Page on ACS web


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