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Resident DJs

When they're not DJing, you may find them hanging around ES wearing something unusual!

DJ Performing

Did you know?

Resident DJs are also ES Managers. Schedule updates, attending DJ debuts, covers, running the occasional event and driving Recki crazy is all part of being a Resident DJ.

Recorded Sets

Check out the DJs on Mixcloud, Soundcloud and Hearthis. Perfect for those bums & tums days!

Black Headphones

Did you know?

Recki saves ES DJ sets to playlists in Mixcloud and Soundcloud and to an Electro Space group in Hearthis. There is also channel in ES Discord where DJs share links to their sets. 

Community DJs

Keeping the SL music fans entertained at ES and other music venues. 

DJ adjusting equipments

Did you know?

Many DJs play on ES Mix Sessions days to gain confidence, practice a new genre or just have the  freedom to do their thing.


RL Projects

Talented artists, performers, producers and radio hosts roaming the virtual world of Second Life.  

Image by Mohamed Nohassi

Did you know?

There are quite a few DJs in our community who also create new music. SL is a great place to get new music out there and gain support and feedback! Seek them out, follow and support.

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