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Team ES: DJ Relay
Relay Season Finale 

How long can we stay on air, passing one stream across DJs and venues? The live stream is our Relay baton in DJ Relay, our final fundraising event of the season.

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Eat, No Sleep, Relay, Repeat!

What is DJ Relay? 

 The aim is to stay live, without breaks for as long as possible on one stream throughout the weekend and raise as much as we can across our party spaces. This is the Team ES community signature event and season finale. Be part of it!

How does it work? 

  • Each venue is assigned a block of time to be part of DJ Relay and hold the stream at their venue

         - minimum of 3 hours

  • During this time, all sets will be played live on the DJ Relay stream and RFL donations only. -

         -  no club tips

  • All DJ sets are 1 hour so the stream changes DJ every hour and DJs can only be involved in the Relay once, except for short notice covers.

  • Venue owner-managers plan their own event as usual, DJs, Hosts, advertising, flyers

         - the Team ES Relay logo/icon will be provided for your flyers

More Information and Considerations

 Club Owners & Managers

  • Priority is given to Team ES venues who have had a donations kiosk at their location throughout the RFL season, Feb to June and have been actively supporting.

  • We want to fit in as many as possible with no gaps so the more availability you can give us, the better.

  • DJs can only take part in the Relay once (aside from last minute covers) so the earlier you sign up and plan your event, the better.

  • There are wall versions of RFL Donation kiosks that can be used in place of tips jars for your DJs and Hosts or you can use a single standing one. Please rez a new kiosk for this event so we can keep track of the Relay donations and I suggest the person managing the event is the kiosk owner so they receive the messages and can say thank you for donations. 

  • The 2024 season theme is 'Decades of Hope'  and if you wanted to theme your event around this, that would be amazing, but this is optional.

 DJs & Hosts

  • DJs can only take part in the DJ Relay once so please check to make sure you know if your booking with a venue is part of the Relay.

  • Every DJ uses the Relay stream which is hybrid and can be used by both Shoutcast and Icecast DJs. Connections to the stream must be tested ahead of live to ensure no interruptions. Once DJ Relay has started, the stream will be live continuously. Without testing, there is a risk the stream will be dropped. Just like the baton in a relay, no one wants to be that 'runner' so test connections please and Club Owners, please ensure this happens.

  • In the absence of tips jars, we know people can tip a DJ or Host directly. No one should be taking their own tips at a Relay for Life fundraiser so please if you do receive direct tips, say thank you and donate to the kiosk. We are doing this to help fight cancer and support those affected by it. This is not the time to be pocketing your own monies. Give your time to the cause or not at all please.

DJ Relay 2023 

DJ Relay 2022 

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