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Team ES

Relay for Life Fundraising Team

Team Captain: Recki Laville

We Play, We DJ, We Relay!
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We are an electronic music community team that come together for the RFL season to raise money to help the fight against cancer!  


Club Owners, Managers, DJs, Hosts, Designer-Creator friends and Club Sponsors, we raise money just doing what we love every day. Party with a purpose, it matters 💜

Team Opportunities 

Here are some ways people can support in addition to donating. 

Keep your Donations Kiosk all year round

The 2023 Open 'Team' season ended on 30th June and donation kiosks are reset to zero for the closed season. All donations collected during closed season benefit the American Cancer Society and for those that choose to keep a kiosk at their space, you will see just one donations total.

As we continue to embed a Relay for Life culture into our spaces, I would love to see each of us have a donations kiosk at our landing points all year round, so our communities are used to seeing them and can donate when they want. Cancer does not stop in closed season.


2024 Relay Season

The 2024 Relay season runs from February 17th to June 9th 2024 and the 2024 team registration opens very soon so now is the time to let me know if you want to be part of it by having a donations kiosk at your space and running just one (or more) dedicated fundraising event or sale during the season. I will make contact with previous Team ES clubs and merchants in the coming weeks. We have an amazing opportunity to make a difference just doing what we do every day here in Second Life. 

Team ES raised over $6000USD as a collective community team in 2023, the 10th highest RFL Team last season and the winners of the Spirit of Relay Team award. It was a phenomenal season in just our 2nd year.

We don't need to top it, we just need to do what we do, in the way we do it because it matters.

We all matter. 💜


Team ES Roles

There are roles that people can play in our team that would be a great help to our fundraising effort. I can't do it all, as much as I try, and I don't want to let people down, so any help in the following areas would be amazing;

  • Relay Champions

As we look to the 2024 season, and considering the Team has grown, it would be so beneficial if clubs could nominate a Relay Champion to help us coordinate our season. 

Club owners, do you have a member of your team who would like to represent your space as a Relay Champion for next season? Somebody who can be a point of contact, represent your community, champion the cause and loves to plan and manage events. Or perhaps you are a Club Manager, DJ or Host in a number of clubs that you would like to represent. 

  • Merchant Liaison

In 2023, our club community team was joined by creators, designers, service providers, some of which sponsor our club spaces. Others are friends who wanted to join the effort. This is an area that I just can't manage well. I do not know enough about the merchant space in SL.

Imagine for example, if each Relay event had presence from 1 or 2 of our designer friends with Relay vendor or raffle boards. I know some of our events did last season but it was not coordinated well and in some cases, quite last minute.

So this role would be perfect for someone who is in this space already; a designer, a creator, a blogger maybe. Someone who can champion the cause, rally designers together, encourage them run their own Relay events with special items at stores and presence at club events. Do we have someone in our community that wants to pull all this together next season?


  • Event Promoter/Blogger

Again, I am doing this myself and I do my best but sometimes things can be a bit rushed or published later than I would like. Any help to promote our events and our Team would be fantastic so if you are passionate about what we do and would like to represent the Team in this way, please do get in touch with some ideas of how you could support.

Martin aka Mr Memories is our official Team ES photographer and will also continue to capture our memories at our events.

Making Strides

Making Strides against Breast Cancer is a separate fundraising effort as we go PINK in October.

There are dedicated donation kiosks you can have in your space throughout October and this year, and there is more information on our Strides page about how to get involved. 



If anyone has any feedback or ideas for next season, that they wish to share, please do get in touch. Please also let us know if you would like to take part in our Relay next year. You can do that here or just message me, Recki Laville.

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