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Electro Space
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DnB Tour SL 2024

Celebrating  Drum & Bass in

our club communities

from 17.4 declared DnB Day 

Tour Coordinator: 

Recki Laville

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4 Stops
4 Clubs
4 Days
Let's Tour!

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Planet 13

DnB Tour 2024

Wed 17 Apr               11am-4pm             Electro Space
Thu 18 Apr                11am-3pm             Amplify 
Fri 19 Apr                  TBC                     Dvalinn 
Fri-Sat 19-20 Apr 
       7pm-5am             Ripple Effect
Sat 20 Apr                 TBC                     Planet 13

DnB Tour has arrived!

Community DnB Tour is a collection of club venues hosting a dedicated Drum & Bass event between 17 April and 20 April. Why April? Some have declared 17th April as DnB Day, 17.4 marking 174bpm. It's for fun, for DnB fans and to celebrate the Drum & Bass movement in Second Life. 


As always, these tours are designed to celebrate and promote community wide activities, introduce people to new spaces and it is always open to all, not just specific DnB clubs. Events may overlap, like different stages which is great choice for everyone as we move around locations. 

Electro Space will advertise all events also through Facebook, Discord and in world groups with vibe screenshots, LMs and social links.


How do I get involved? >> By April 7th <<

  • Choose a date & time for your event in the first instance and get in touch. It must be Drum & Bass and sub genres. 

  • Plan your event as usual within the Tour dates with your own DJs, Hosts, location, flyer etc 

  • Add the DnB Tour sticker to your flyer and advertise as usual.


Event dates and the weekend's DJ schedule can be found on the Electro Space schedule webpage and in the Facebook event.

To confirm an event or if you have any questions, please do contact, Recki Laville in world or via our contact sheet here

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