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Team ES: Good vs Evil Raises L$36,100

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

19 May 2023

Good vs Evil @ Electro Space

This is what happens when the two Day Managers at Electro Space go head to head. Magic!

Team Good Captain April vs Team Evil Captain Vix chose their DJ teams and represented Good and Evil in both fashion and music styles.

All I had to do was build the setting ... The Gates! A huge thank you to Alec and V who helped me whip this up in one evening ... we even had a private party up here whilst building!

So we were ready to open the Gates of Heaven and Hell and people came, they chose their island and gathered ready to Relay! Evil island was busier, I wonder why!! 🤣😂

The music was perfect, your outfits were amazing and it was a lot of fun watching April and Vix battle it out for Relay. All those L$1 donations sending both into a donations frenzy because their kiosk was not displaying a neat round number 🤣 and so it continued all night. Add in those 50L donation trains, plus the remotes from afar and the totals began to rise quickly.

Thank you so much to April and Vix for planning and hosting the event. Thank you to the DJs for representing each side with such awesome music and thank you to everyone who dressed up, supported and donated on the night. You're amazing. 💜

Team Good edged ahead and came out on top! Bragging rights for April but more importantly we Relayed L$:£36,100 = USD$:144.40 by having a party and dressing up in our virtual world on a Friday Night. We would be partying anyway, but this one we did for Relay, to say F U Cancer!

Team total at the end of the event

L$: 847,800 = USD: $3,391,20

That is AMAZING and we are not done yet! Next weekend is the big one! The Team Finale!

Eat, No Sleep, Relay, Repeat, it's DJ Relay 2023 and this year, it is 63 hours long! So plan in some extra sleep, get some snacks in and save some L$ for donations. It's going to be epic!

Go Team ES!

We Play, We DJ, We Relay! 💜

Photos by Recki

More photos by Mr Memories


Team ES Page on ACS web


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