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Team ES at Relaystock 2023

Relaystock - 12-14 May

Team ES on the Main Stage - Sunday 14 May , 9am-10:30am

Relaystock is an annual multi-team weekend festival event hosted by the Relay Rockers team.

This was our first year at Relaystock and we loved it!

We made camp, we chilled out, we jammed with fellow Relayers around the campfire ... and we enjoyed three evenings of main stage acts and their crowd!

I needed this. Relay is about community, it's about standing together with one purpose, yet our busy club life in SL means that downtime is limited. The time needed to relax, reflect, and link in with friends and fellow Relayers, well this was my time to do just that.

V and Alec represented Team ES on the Main stage kicking off Sunday's schedule with an awesome Trance set. It was just perfect and added a further L$13,100 to our team effort.

Thank you everyone who helped make our cosy campsite and joined us this weekend alongside other Relay teams. I felt welcome, at home and inspired to fight harder, for us, for everyone.

Relaystock, we hope to be back next year!

Photos by Recki

More photos by Mr Memories


Team ES Page on ACS web


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