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Team ES: ES Eurovision 2023 Raises L$56,232

Updated: May 24, 2023

13 May 2023

ES Does Eurovision 2023 @ Electro Space

By request, making a return this year on the Team ES Relay calendar, is our version of Eurovision.

DJs from Spain, Italy, Bavaria and Germany, Belgium and the UK celebrated artists and music from their country and this year we invited Mexico, the USA and Canada to join the party and wow, it was a party!

The music was fantastic. Your outfits were adorable. The atmosphere was party, party, party and no one fell off the map!

We also Relayed as party goers voted for their favourite DJs, music and countries by tipping and donating to the kiosks on the flagpoles.

The competition was fierce. Some shout outs;

- to Whistle representing Italy, who should be hired by Eurovision to host the Italian vote. The music, the energy, his smooth voiceovers that had everyone screaming for more. It was an amazing hour.

- to Subsonic of Bavaria, our returning champion of 2022, wearing the same shorts, probably not even washed! I found myself singing along in true Eurovision style "la la la laaaa". Best way to describe some of those tracks; Bouncy folk!

- to Luna and our friends from El Pueblo representing Mexico. We did not want it to end, they brought the carnival atmosphere and the costumes and we loved it.

- to Nellie of the USA who chose a stunning playlist of tracks by LGBTQ friendly artists

- and to V representing his homeland of Canada with a surprise encore ... who knew Canada produced so many great artists and that classic anthem "Rocks & Trees". Canada Geese even arrived and started multiplying on the map!

Taking the 2023 crown from Bavaria was Easy Spice of the UK with an epic set including tracks by Queen, Spice Girls, Steps, S Club 7, Blur, Royal Blood, Rizzlekicks and more. What about that dress?!

Such a fun event and already we started talking about next year's. This is a favourite of ours and really celebrates our communities.

Thank you so much, so so much to everyone who made this party; the DJs, Hosts, party people, everyone who donated, the style icons, photographers and the geese!

We Relayed L$:£56,232 = USD$:224.98 doing what we do, partying with a purpose to help the fight against cancer. Amazing!

Team total at the end of the event

L$: 792,532 = USD: $3,170,13

We reached Sapphire Team fundraising level (L$750,000) during the event, and we've raised over 3000USD this season so far. It is incredible what we can do when we put our own agenda aside a few dates a year to Relay for those affect by cancer, for all of us.

This one is a busy Relay weekend too as it is also Relaystock weekend, a multi-team festival event hosted by the Relay Rockers Team. We have already made camp, woken some other teams up by drumming all night and later today (Sunday) Team ES are represented on the main stage for the first time this year. Yessss, it's very chill here, we love it :) Get your hippie vibes on and come support.

Go Team ES!

We Play, We DJ, We Relay! 💜

We Play, We DJ, We Relay!

We are an electronic music community team that come together for the RFL season to raise money to help the fight against cancer. Club Owners, Managers, DJs, Hosts, Sponsors, we raise money just doing what we love every day.

The key to fundraising success is togetherness, a community pulling together as one in the fight against cancer. We see this year after year with Relay for Life teams so be part of something and make a difference; it matters.

Team ES RFL Commitee

Recki Laville (ES) - Team Captain

Vesper Absinthe (Nightmare) - Team Champion Martin Matin - Team Events Photographer


Team ES Page on ACS web


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