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🔷 Electro Space Closes - RL calls 🔷

1 May 2019 - 3 September 2023

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you, we must close Electro Space for some time to take an extended break from Second Life.

This is the first time we have closed in our 4 years and I knew RL would need me more but after long conversations and careful consideration, Easy and I have decided it is time. SL is not always the easiest world to be in when real world is also tough. Family and more need me, all much more important than my time here.

ES Events

- these are cancelled with immediate effect, I just cannot be here to manage them.

ES Residents

- I can keep the Naughty Nights region open for 2 to 3 more weeks. I will advise a more accurate date soon and will of course refund any rent paid beyond this date.

My DJ sets

- I will not be able to honour any bookings, the controller is going away for a long while.

I am so sorry for the short notice, life happens. Easy and I thank you for the support, the fun, the music, the friends and the memories.

We may be back again, but for now, it is goodbye.



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