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2022-2023 ES Season - Let's Goooooooooo!

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

The full ES calendar returns from Monday 29th August

The September calendar is published and already booking so read on for news about what's to come, when we're open and opportunities to get involved.

ES Staples and returning for 2022-23

  • First Thursday of the month : Electro Space Jam [1 hour]

This is how it all started in May 2019. The first Electro Space event, a space for DJs from various venues to come share their music and their style and we're still Jammin' today at the original ES venue, The Dock. Every first Thursday of the month (except August EStival) , DJ's Choice and style, you can book your time to play. It's like a mini celebration of our DJ freedoms each month, some of us still dress up in theme and the next event is our 40th Jam so yes of course I am recycling my cyberwear by now! 🔷

  • Monday & Wednesday : Mix Sessions [1 hour]

DJ's Choice sessions for mix DJs. These sessions are all about the DJ. Freedom to play what you want, when you want. Choose a date, time, book and come play.

  • Thursday : Genre Sessions [1 hour]

Each Thursday (except Jam day), DJs come together to play a specific genre or style. Open booking.

  • Genre showcase events [1.5 hour]

The big 5 genre showcases are held once a month, usually on a Saturday, 4 or 5 DJs are invited to showcase a particular genre.

WareHouse (House) -- TechnoGrade (Techno) -- TrancePort (Trance, Psy) -- Industry (Industrial, EBM, Noise) -- Bassment (DnB, Jungle, Dub, Step, Garage)

  • Crave, the anti-rave [1 hour]

Originally an idea suggested by eVolies in July 2021, Crave is a party for the hard hitters. Every first Saturday of the month, held in the Rave Cave, Crave alternates between the banging Hard Techno/Schranz night and the Hardstyle/Hardcore edition. Free to book for everyone loving these harder styles.

  • Team Vs [1 hour]

The first DJ Team Vs event was held in August 2020 when Tom suggested Germany vs England. 2 years on, we are still doing it, usually on a Saturday. The DJ teams are chosen by the captains and anyone can captain a team so if you want to challenge a DJ friend or an ES Resident DJ and their team, get in touch so we can book it in. Previous Vs events have included House vs Trance, Boys vs Girls, Bass vs Melody, Europe vs Rest of World. It's just for fun, and we love the banter!!! :)

So what's new then?

We receive comments and suggestions all year about how we can make ES work for everyone and there are 3 common themes; we do not do enough at weekends, there is not enough pure Techno events and opening hours only cater to Europe. We can't do everything but we can try different things and as always, if you book them, we'll keep them :)

Techno Void [1 hour]

A new, mid month all Techno event on a Friday night. Keeping the 1 hour Jam feel, if you are a weekend DJ that likes playing with an all Techno crowd, this may be the event for you. The first date is in the calendar and bookable now.

Sunday Social [1 hour]

New Sunday daytime House vibes event every fortnight from 6am, starts in September and bookable now.

Jukebox Party [2 hour]

Following the fun of our recent Jukebox weekend with Honeycomb, this event replaces the X-Gen all music event and we'll theme based on your suggestions. The 90s Jukebox is first in September, 2 hour sets so book your time, pack away the controller, just choose your tracks, play, chat on mic like a radio DJ would and just have fun :) Other suggestions so far are Rock/Metal Jukebox and a 50s Sock Hop. Get involved 😀

Spotlight [2 hour]

This is a night we have wanted to do for some time. 2 DJs, 2 different styles invited to play a 2 hour set that showcases themselves and their music choice.

We begin from October and hope to include one Spotlight per month.

Fetish Friday [1 hour]

Fetish Fridays, yesssssssssss! One of my favourite events going back to 2007 and we're bringing it back.

One Friday per month, we'll have a different Fetish theme beginning with Halloween Fetish on Friday 28th October.

Each DJ, each hour's music will be focused around a 'feel' or a vibe. Music feels ... Dark, Sexy, Deep, Tribal, Fast, Bouncy, Exciting, Smooth ...

Look good, feel good . ❤️ 🎶

The Annuals

These are repeat annual dates in the calendar based on previous years but subject to confirmation as we get closer to the time.

October : Halloween eclipse

December: Techno Tour leading up to World Techno Day

December/January: Christmas Chaos, New Years Glow Party and the Lounge

February : Team ES Relay for Life fundraising calendar launch

April: Fantasy Faire 2023 for RFL

May: Eurovision 2023 for RFL

May/June: DJ Relay 2023 for RFL

June: Team ES campsite build and finale weekend at RFL sims

August: EStival 2023

Opening Hours

This has always been driven by demand. ES is always open, it's a community events space, open stage, managed events, parties. It's available.

It is usual for the European crowd to go to bed about 3-4pm SLT especially during the week and so far, we have not had too many requests to be open much later but as always, if you want to DJ at 4 or 5pm or even later, go for it.

Managed times [Blue]

These are our usual open hours, highlighted in blue on the schedule, currently between 10am and 4pm. This is determined by availability to send notices and host the 'room'. I am quite picky on what good event hosting looks like so we are a carefully selected few that manage session days.

Open Stage [Green]

Before or after hours or even on our free days, the space is there for you to use. What usually happens on a free day is one DJ adds their name, others join in and soon you have yourself a party and we all come along. Try it, see what happens :)

Opportunities to Get Involved


ES is a mix DJ community and registration is open. So if you can mix electronic music across EDM or Industrial genres and would like to come play, just register.

Early/Late Managers

If you are an experienced club manager that would like to manage early or late sessions at ES and help us accommodate different time zones, just get in touch and we'll give it a go. There are registered DJs who want to play later than 4pm for example which is my midnight, I just can't stay awake all night ... every night anyway!😂


If you own-manage an electronic music venue and would like to join the ES community then do get in touch. ES celebrates community and collaborates with other venues on events such as Techno Tour, Relay for Life team fundraising and EStival. View the community venues page for more information here.

Team ES RFL Committee

Shortly after the season starts, we will start to think about our Relay for Life fundraising calendar for next year. Team ES raised over $2000 USD this year just doing what we do in our club communities. That is amazing but of course we want to raise more.

The RFL Team ES is a network of club venues and to raise more, we need to grow more. From February, we can place the Team ES RFL fundraising kiosk in your venue, we can coordinate events, publish, attend en masse, donate our shoe funds, celebrate life and capture the moments. We're doing this together to help beat cancer so if you want to be part of something that matters, join the Team ES RFL community. 💜 More on this very soon.


Electro Space is community led and in our 3+ years, we have kept partying with club donations and EState Space rentals, which are only available to friends of ES.

We don't use 'real' money to fund ES, we don't have to chase a schedule and send mass TPs every hour, we don't have a long list of sponsors; we have none, we don't use traffic enhancers, we don't need to copy what everyone else is doing and we make everything public for everyone to see.

We are just us and I am ever thankful for the support of friends, DJs, Hosts and party goers. I can create a party space, manage bookings, do some 'very homemade' flyers, keep everyone informed and sometimes I am even funny in local chat but it is you that makes Electro Space the community it is and you are the best gauge for me on whether to keep going. So you are in charge ok. 😉

Here's to ES friends, more ES parties and more ES fun TOGETHER.


Electro Space Team


Recki Laville

Resident DJ-Managers

Easy Ninetails

Muekas (djmuekas.preeze)

Mr Lemondrop (dandan.lemondrop)


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