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ES Goes Wild!

New Discord Channel

- Space for us to share wild, wildlife, nature and planet loving things

🌱 30 Days Wild in June 🌱

As a family, we're doing 30 days wild again in June.

30 Days Wild is the UK Wildlife Trusts' annual challenge where they ask everyone to do one wild activity a day, throughout the month of June. Great for families. So what about the ES family? Cue new Discord channel in the ES group. 😁 Come join in as we share wild, wildlife, nature and planet loving things. Tips on gardening, grow your own, sustainability and how we as individuals can make a difference. Share links and stories from your part of the world. Nudity optional! 🤣

This is not just for 30 days. Our planet is not a sim we can rebuild easily! Appreciate it, have fun and inspire each other. 💚 30 days wild is a fun way for families to kick start interest and Brits can pick up their packs from the website below. I have included some downloads.

More Information

Electro Space Discord >

The Wildlife Trusts website >


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