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Team ES: House vs DnB at Planet 13 Raises L$25,426

8 April 2023

Planet 13 presents House vs DnB

DJs from Planet 13 and Electro Space went head to head in our first Team Vs Relay for Life event this season.

Electro Space Resident DJs, the Away Team played House and Planet 13 DJs, the Home team, played Drum & Bass. We played, we DJed, we relayed and partied hard shaking our purple glow sticks provided by Ayame of B&W.

Spaceberry also provided Relay for Life Raffle Boards with unisex 'cosmic' tattoos to win and partygoers showed their support for their favourite DJs and Team via donations to the team Kiosks.

The team that raised the most was declared the winner and following a few amazing hours of music, fun, and friends, Planet 13 edged ahead and won the battle. It was close but most of all, we raised some more L$ for Relay for Life to support those affected by cancer.

We raised a fantastic L$25,426, $101,70USD on the night.

To bring that alive and make it real, here are some examples of how the American Cancer Society uses our donations to support survivors and caregivers.

  • $10 (L$2500) to help people find hope and support online through our Cancer Survivors Network.

  • $25 (L$6250) to help people facing breast cancer connect with trained volunteers through the Reach To Recovery® program.

  • $30 - (L$7500) to help one person find free answers and much-needed support through our 24-hour helpline.

  • $50 - (L$12,500) to help to provide one free ride to treatment through the Road To Recovery® program.

  • $65 each - (L$16,500) to help provide one free night’s stay at a Hope Lodge community for a cancer patient or their caregiver.

Thank you so much to Thirteen and everyone at Planet 13 for hosting this event, to all the DJs for giving up their time to relay and to everyone who came and supported, donated and partied with us.

And when we come together, our many communities can do amazing things and make a difference. Just look at this team total so far, and we're just half way through the season. 💜

Team total at the end of the event

L$: 629,456 = USD: $2,517.82

Our next Team ES fundraising event in the calendar is Techno vs Trance at Electro Space on Saturday 29th April, for fun, for Relay! Who wins, your donations decide!

Just before that, look out for Electro Space at Fantasy Faire on Thursday 27th, 11am. For Relay. It matters. See you there :)

Go Team ES!

We Play, We DJ, We Relay! 💜

We Play, We DJ, We Relay!

We are an electronic music community team that come together for the RFL season to raise money to help the fight against cancer. Club Owners, Managers, DJs, Hosts, Sponsors, we raise money just doing what we love every day.

The key to fundraising success is togetherness, a community pulling together as one in the fight against cancer. We see this year after year with Relay for Life teams so be part of something and make a difference; it matters.

Team ES RFL Commitee

Recki Laville (ES) - Team Captain

Vesper Absinthe (Nightmare) - Team Champion Elayne Diavolo (Club Zero) - RFL Champion Martin Matin - Team Events Photographer


Team ES Page on ACS web


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