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Showcase Events at Electro Space

Showcasing DJs, their Style and the Genre

We have been doing showcase events at ES since March 2020.

Now monthly and 90 minute sets, this is one of the few events at ES where DJs are invited to come and showcase their style and genre.

TechnoGrade - Techno showcase since March 2020

Event venue - Rave Cave

TechnoGrade is also held to celebrate World Techno Day in December

WareHouse - House Music showcase since May 2020

Event venue - Downtown Warehouse

Industry - Industrial, EBM, Noise showcase since August 2020

Event venue: Industry, Downtown

TrancePort - Trance, Psytrance showcase since November 2020

Trance does have a special home at ES in the lagoon beneath the Hub. This is where the first TrancePort was held and now where the Jasinthe 'Life, Love, Music' memorial sits.

Jas was due to play at the first TrancePort but sadly passed away just 2 weeks before the event.

In addition to the lagoon, we 'tranceport' to special builds, so far Egypt and Mexico.

Bassment - Drum & Bass, Jungle showcase since September 2021

Event Venue: Bassment, Downtown


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