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RFL Season 2023: Get Involved

Updated: Mar 23

Team ES - Relay for Life 2023: Hope Floats

This year's RFL season begins on 18 February 2023.

Team ES, our electronic music community team is registered again and we're getting ready to FUNDRAISE!!! Last year we achieved the Jade fundraising badge and we've been set a challenge to double our 2022 fundraising total of L$552,000, USD$2207. This year's theme is Hope Floats.

We Play, We DJ, We Relay!

We are an electronic music community team that come together for the RFL season to raise money to help the fight against cancer! Club Owners, Managers, DJs, Hosts, Sponsors, we raise money just doing what we love every day. A big part of our fundraising last year was our epic DJ Relay across multiple venues and of course, we'll be doing it again this year and much more.

The key to fundraising success is togetherness, a community pulling together as one in the fight against cancer. We see this year after year with Relay for Life teams so the more clubs that join in with the Team ES RFL season, the better.

Team ES RFL Commitee

Recki Laville (ES) - Team Leader Elayne Diavolo (Club Zero) - RFL Champion Vesper Absinthe (Nightmare) - Team Champion Martin Matin - Team Events Photographer If 15 clubs do just 2 RFL events each and at each event, their DJs and Hosts donate their tips and partygoers donate to the RFL kiosk, we can make a big difference to people's lives. We are doing what we do every day anyway, so get involved. It matters!

On the finale event weekend, we will walk the Relay for Life track from the Team ES campsite and honour the lives lost to cancer, celebrate survivors, and show support for the caregivers.

2023 Team so far


Electro Space, Nightmare City, Club Omega, Sirius Estates, The After Hours Club, Concept Lounge, The Drip Dance Club, Club Vibez, Wish, Nyctophilia, Cube24, Aqua Lounge, Flow Club, Ripple Effect, Ballerhalle, MoT2, Palazzo Park, Moonshiner, House of Legends, El Pueblo, Soundsation, Club Zero


Hysteria, Varali, Lilithium, TheNoise, Normandy

How to get involved

Here are some ways you can support Relay for Life in Second Life

Community Venue Owner-Managers

- Place a Team ES RFL donations kiosk at your venue

The kiosk will track your own fundraising total as well as displaying the overall Team and RFL totals. All donations sent though a kiosk are paid directly to the American Cancer Society account.

- Organise a dedicated fundraising event, or two or three!

The season is about 4 months long so plan an event each month and ask your DJs and Hosts to donate their tips for example. Advertise your event in the RFL events calendar and through the RFL in-world group. Support each other's events. Collaborate. Donations soon total up. We're making parties anyway :)

- Take part in DJ Relay 2023

12 venues took part in 2022. We passed 1 stream continuously across 43 DJs and 12 venues in 43 hours and raised L$298,000. No breaks, no sleep.

Cancer doesn't sleep.


- Look out for kiosks in your favourite clubs and donate when you can.

Every little helps, no donation is too small. If everyone who visited a club donated just 50L$ a week, wow what a difference that could make.

Be assured these are official kiosks, there is no individual handling, everything is automatic. All monies paid to a kiosk, first are sent to the kiosk owner and then immediately sent to the American Cancer Society account. The kiosks are scripted and they do it all.

If you have any cool fundraising ideas, let us know, maybe we can make it happen :)

Why the American Cancer Society?

This question was asked a few times last year. Second Life and Linden Labs is based in the US. The Relay for Life of Second Life page on the ACS website tells us more;

'Relay For Life is the signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. It is held in over 3,000 communities and in more than 27 countries around the world. We've been Relaying in Second Life since 2005, and have raised more than $3.5 million in that time.'

What Happens Next?

One of the Team ES committee members will be in touch with venue owners in our community to ask if they are joining in with Team ES this year.

For those that are joining, a kiosk will be with you in time for season kick off on 18th February.

We Play, We DJ, We Relay! It matters. Let's Do this :)


Relay for Life of Second Life Page

Team ES Page


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