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DJ Strides raises L$55,500

DJ Strides against Breast Cancer event : Saturday 15th October

An all female line up of 6 DJs and 3 hosts brought the entertainment, we got PINK and BOOBILICIOUS and we raised a fantastic total on the night; L$55,500 by the end of the 6 hour event.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported, partied with us, donated at ES and sent in remote donations. This is community.

It does not stop there.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we continue to fundraise.

The Strides donation kiosk remains at Electro Space and there is also one at Club Omega. Thank you to Iggy and Mercedes at Club Omega for their support.

More donations came in on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as DJs and party goers donated their tips and shoe funds. We don't even need shoes in SL! 🤣

The current total between us is over L$80,000 and we still have 12 October days left. WOW!

If any other venue owner would like to join this 'Team ES' community effort for Strides, just let me know and I can put a donation kiosk in your venue for your own fundraising. Donations through official Strides kiosks are direct to the American Cancer Society; no fuss, no administration needed. All we do is total everything up at the end of the month and celebrate the power of our community.

There are other Strides events happening around Second Life and I have included a link below so you can seek these out.

More Strides Events
  • 2022 Out Shop Cancer Shopping event & Grid-wide Hunt, Oct 1-31 > Website

  • 2022 SCIFI EXPO, Oct 14-23 > Discord + SLURL

  • I Pink I Can , Oct 15-30 > SLURL

More Information

To learn more about the Strides movement, please do visit the ACS website > ACSevents


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