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3ES - Electro Space: How it Began

Updated: May 2, 2022

Electro Space - since 1st May 2019

Wow 3 years already! Here's a bit of ES history including a bit about me. This is not tissues material, it's OK. You can read it although I probably wrote it more for myself. Time goes quickly! Maybe get a beer or wine and hopefully you will laugh at my jokes too! 😁

May 2019 - The first Electro Space Jam

Electro Space began as an events sideline when I was the GM at my SL family's club, Cruz Kontrol.

Each month, I invited DJs from other clubs to showcase their style and electronic music outside of their perm sets and usual venues.

8 DJs took part in the first Jam on Wednesday 1st May 2019 with 1 hour sets of electro, Industrial, synthpop/futurepop and Noise at Cruz Kontrol 2050, which we now know as The Dock.

Electro Space was born.

In June, we had 2 Jams on the 5th and the 26th to fit everyone in as news reached more people. DJs loved the opportunity to come and play outside their usual sets times, their usual venues.

At ES you could play what you want, how you

want and people liked it!

Each of the June Jams had 12 DJs between 10am and 10pm SLT. Late nights for me :)

And the monthly 12 hour Electro Space Jam became a thing.

By September 2019, DJs of different genres were joining in bringing Techno, Hardstyle, Trance and EDM. In October 2019, the ES7 Jam moved from the first Wednesday to the first Thursday of the month, as it is today.

We have been Jammin' ever since and our 3rd anniversary Jam on May 5th 2022 will be ES37! The Jam is now usually 6 to 8 hours again, I no longer stay up so late.

November 2019 - ES gets a Facebook Page

December 2019 - ES Brand Update

In December 2019, a close friend, Craig Obscure gave both the Electro Space and Cruz Kontrol logos a professional makeover and both are still in use today. Look at my original logo though, come onnnnn!😂

January 2020 - ES Switch

The first Electro Space event outside Cruz Kontrol happened in January 2020. ES Switch: The Playlist Swap Challenge.

I couldn't close regular Cruz Kontrol club days to hold ES events of course, so friends Maul & Toy offered to host Electro Space at Empty Chaos before their regular Saturday show.

ES Switch was also part of a multi-venue fundraiser, coordinated to raise money for 2 Australian charities during the Wildfire disaster.

And more events followed in addition to the monthly Jams held at Cruz Kontrol. Many of these we still do today.

February 2020 - International EBM Day @ Cruz Kontrol
March 2020 - TechnoGrade @ Empty Chaos
March 2020 - .eclipse Dark Music Event@ Cruz Kontrol
April 2020 - Electro Space @ Fantasy Faire
April 2020 - ES Switch @ Empty Chaos
May 2020 - WareHouse @ Cruz Kontrol
May 2020 - World Goth Day @ Cruz Kontrol

End of May 2020 - Electro Space gets its own parcel

It was clear that as Electro Space events increased in frequency, I could not manage both the Cruz Kontrol club side and ES events side. I also had to stop interrupting the club's schedule with dedicated event days. It was time for ES to have its own home and we moved to Naughty Nights, where we still live today. I also left behind my GM role at Cruz Kontrol and I enjoy going home when we collaborate on events such as Halloween. Family x

ES Today and Me

Electro Space is now a thriving community of DJs, Event Hosts and party seekers and the freedom that ES was created for, still exists. DJs play what they want, how they want, when they want and showcase electronic music and their individuality. And for everyone at ES, we keep it fun and respectful or I start grumbling. Close friends know what that means 🤣

No RL money comes into SL to sustain ES. It is a community events space. There are community venue advertising boards and logo displays at ES locations and yes these are free.

I am often asked about this. Who the hell am I to charge another club for advertising at ES? Ridiculous!

If you want to support ES and what we do, come drop some L$ in the ES diamond but only if you want to. This is our free time, this is our recreation, our play time. It's not about traffic, it's not a competition, a popularity contest or a money making scheme. It's about people, fun and music!

I celebrate venues in the wider community that share the same values and not everyone does. I have my opinion on what running a successful community venue looks like and how others run theirs is none of my business. That being said, there are venues I do not advertise or celebrate through ES because of my principles. It's simple to me. If anyone chooses to harass, threaten, bully, manipulate, copy others or use bots, alts or traffic enhancers to make their venue successful, we do not share the same values.

I have been slated, harrassed, blocked, copied, called a c**t , called a Karen 😂, mostly by DJs and club owners who I said no to, but I'm still here, doing it my way. I believe in it. I care, I give a shit! There's enough sadness and bad human behaviours in RL, why would you bring it into SL? Get away from me!

That day another club owner called ES the 'Trailer Park Space' in Facebook was a proud moment.

Yes we're free spirits, as a friend once called us. We do it our way and hopefully with a lot more respect than you just showed when you trashed another on social media. 🤣

Of course I don't always get it right, I am not perfect. I'm stubborn, a bit anal about organisation and planning, I'm a sucker for a hard luck story and a stray dog! I have made mistakes which have caused great upset to those closest to me. I know how to say when I am wrong but I love a heated debate! I face it ... ok I may moan a bit while I process it all, but I face it. I have a big heart and sometimes a lazy brain!!

I love what we do at ES, bringing the best of people together and enjoying some great music.

I hope that if I am organised, there is more fun for everyone and it is easy to be at ES, no stress. Everything is public and on show. You can see our calendar 3 months in advance even. We have no reason to hide what we do, we're not royalty!

We're not glamorous; I mean I barely change clothes but we are reliably fun! We're here doing it every week. We have never closed and then needed to make any grand re-openings every year to remind people we exist no!😂

It's not difficult, it's not a chore. I don't need an army of hosts because you all make the party every day. I love this! ES will be around as long as I have the time and energy and as long as you want it to be. ❤️

Big loves to friends and family who have supported ES and me along the way. I'm hard work yes, you deserve a medal 😂 I love you and thank you for you ❤️

3ES celebrations start this Sunday. CAKE! Join us if you want to 😀

Sunday 1st May - 3ES Sunday Secret Sessions

Thursday 5th May - ES37 3rd Anniversary Jam

3ES Gallery - if you would like to be part of the gallery, please see the related post for details

Recki out



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