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Let's Talk Phrasing

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

DJ Talk - Sunday 27th February from 08:30am SLT

Bassment, ES Downtown

Lead Topic - Phrasing by electroRogue

Join us this Sunday for our first DJ Talk.

Please enable SL voice before arrival.

The following images will be referenced in the session and a summary of the main discussion points will be posted here shortly afterwards.

If you would like to host next month's DJ Talk at Electro Space, please get in touch.


Talking Points from this month's DJ Talk

Things to Consider

  • Song Phrase - What's happening when

  • Energy levels - Mood and emotion it is reaching

  • Listener fatigue - How long has a level been maintained

  • Song story - The character of elements, the journey

  • Dance ability - Smoothness, excitement


  • Bass over Bass

  • Melody over melody

  • Lyrics over lyrics

  • High energy over low energy

  • Low energy into low energy

  • Using the same tricks every mix

Aim for

  • Bass end, bass in

  • Drops hitting together, high energy with high energy

  • Breaks hitting together, low energy with low energy

  • Low energy into high energy

  • High energy into high energy (Moderation)

  • Varied mixing techniques


  • DJ warnings - 4 / 4 - 8 - 16 - 32 - 64

  • Jumping - moving instantly to a different part of a song, cue points or skipping

  • Looping - repeating parts of a song

  • EQ - changing the elements and current journey

  • Track Volume - changing the elements and current journey

  • FX - changing the elements and current journey


  • Extend song parts

  • Shorten song parts / phrase

  • New breaks / low energy parts

  • A new twist on a song already known

  • A new story

  • Good mixing

Track Structure - example 1

Track Structure - example 2

Track Structure - example 3

Track Structure - example 4


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