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As Mixcloud have recently limited the basic (free) tier to just 10 published shows, I take a look at the options.

I am a hobby/home DJ and I do this for my own enjoyment therefore I have not considered paying to publish my sets or gain premium benefits. However I took at look at the current Mixcloud and Hearthis plan offerings as I upload my sets to both.


I have uploaded every live set to Mixcloud since I began live mixing at the end of 2018. It is my journal, a record of my DJ journey.

However late last year, Mixcloud limited published shows to just 10 for those like me on the basic tier so now, on my profile, just the last 3 weeks are live and can be listened to.

I also save ES recorded DJ sets to playlists in my Mixcloud profile and the link can be found on the ES website page, but since the changes, many of these older sets may no longer be live.

So what are the current Mixcloud options? View on Mixcloud

​Mixcloud Basic

- Free

​Mixcloud Pro

- £9 monthly or £79 annually

10 published shows, 5 track uploads

​Unlimited show and track uploads (in HQ)

Unlimited unlisted/private uploads

​Licensed live streaming

​Notify followers of new shows, tracks

Engagement stats, hide play counts

Customize your channel

​Schedule uploads, create posts

I joined Hearthis in February 2021 to follow SL DJs not on Mixcloud. I only started uploading my sets from July last year. It was so simple last year to copy the Mixcloud link into Hearthis and import the upload, description and artwork, like a clone. This is no longer available and Mixcloud has been removed from the import options. However, currently all uploaded sets are live, unlike Mixcloud. I have also created an Electro Space group which ES DJ sets can be saved to and this is far better than the playlist option in Mixcloud.

So what are the current options? View on

​ Basic

- Free

​ Premium

- 4.99 Euros monthly 34.99 Euros annually

​400MB upload allowance per week

Unlimited uploads

​All shows/history published/live

​Automatic tracklisting

​MP3 format only

Multi file format and k/bit supported

​Customisation options

I am seeing more SL DJs joining Hearthis and I have updated the Electro Space website to include the Hearthis ES group embed along with Mixcloud's. The revised page is now called 'Recorded Sets'

This is just a quick summary of course as I looked at these 2 options and I have no need for a premium or pro plan however as someone who likes to keep a history, supports other DJs and welcomes a good user experience, is a welcome alternative to Mixcloud.

My Mixcloud profile has over 1000 followers (because I repost a lot of sets), Hearthis not even 20 yet but even with all those followers, my set listens rarely go above 15, my likes, 7-10 usual. As I said, I am just doing this for my own enjoyment but I would love to see more DJs supporting each other, time allowing. I like to listen to other DJ sets in world, it is how I develop my own DJing and I get inspired by others. Even if I do not have time to listen, I like and repost a lot of DJ sets each week to support. It is well known that most of the profiles on Mixcloud are creators, producers, DJs and not the general listening public. Sadly though, I don't think SL DJs support each other enough.

Look each other up, review recent uploads/shows, like, repost and listen if you have the time. Leave a comment if you enjoyed the set. Every time that happens on mine, it makes me smile much more than any chart algorithm could ever do and it takes no time at all; just a little thought for your fellow DJ :)



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