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🔷 4ES Week - Happy Birthday Electro Space 🔷

Updated: Apr 27

Celebrating 4 years of Electro Space

1st to 7th May 2023

Wow 4 years! I need to get another life!! 🤣

OK a bit of background ... Electro Space was created on 1st May 2019 with the first Electro Space Jam. The Jam event was designed to bring DJs from various electronic and underground music venues together to showcase music and their style. It was created as an alternative to club limiters such as perm days/times, regular scheduled 2 hour sets, genre restrictions, invite only based on popularity/style. DJs joined in when they wanted to and this is how ES remains today. This is what l call ES Freedoms; DJ's choice days, open DJ registration, public schedule and most dates remain on a DJ books basis.

We always celebrate our anniversary at the May Jam each year but this year, I have extended the celebrations across the week and we're inviting DJs who have been a big part of the ES community this year, to help us celebrate all that is ES on our 4th anniversary. We will also be celebrating in some of our favourite party spaces, some of which have been here a while now.


So what is happening this week?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

4ES Mix Sessions

Downtown Rooftops (2021)

The Hub (2020)

Bassment (2021)

Celebrating DJ's Choice 1 hour Sessions. The freedom to be you, be creative, show off, gain new followers or even get spotted by club owners. It all happens at Sessions and I love it ❤️ This week we celebrate with three Mix Session days.



4ES Anniversary Jam (ES48)

The Dock (2019)

Our 48th Jam and it's how it all started on the Dock back in May 2019. DJs from multiple clubs came together to play what they wanted and create The Jam every month, and we are still 'Jammin'' every month in 2023. This year it also falls on Star Wars Day so expect a theme maybe ;)



Open Stage and my Day Off. I am going out out!! 🤣

Downtown Station (2021)

Do use the space if you want to, it is what it is there for.



Crave the anti-rave: All Hardhitters Night

Rave Cave (2020)

Crave has been running since July 2021 and was an event idea introduced by eVolies, a good friend and DJ in our community. eVolies wanted an underground feel event full of Hard and Dark music.

Today Crave has evolved to include all Harder EDM styles but the underground feel remains, in the depths of the Rave Cave. This week we bring all those styles together with some of our favourite hard hitters!



The Barbie Social

Barbie's House (I think - not built yet!)

The Sunday Social was an idea introduced by another DJ in our community, Jay Revolution, in September 2022. Originally a daytime House Social, it has evolved into a DJ's Choice open stage, which DJs can join on the day. This week, we are making it a Barbie Social, as suggested by Chanya, yes another DJ in our community, and we're partying for Relay for Life. So dress as your favourite Barbie or Ken and come help us raise lots of L$ for those affected by cancer.


ES Quirks

I am challenged quite a bit on things such as why sets are just 1 hour, why DJ's choice, why do you never invite me? This is ES and I want to stay true to why I created the first ES Jam back in 2019. ES was never supposed to be a club with a regular schedule and a 'staff' team and never will be. First and foremost it is DJ sessions, events and open stage. A space for DJs of electronic music to be creative and express themselves when and how they choose. This is also why we are called Electro Space.

There are about 200 DJs in the group. Not everyone is actively DJing of course, some not even in world anymore I expect, but it is still important for me to keep as much space for as many as we can each week. This is why I ask that DJs book just one session in every 2 week period. This applies to Monday and Wednesday sessions only, so there is space and time and variety for us all. If the same DJs play at the same time every week, then ES is not available and accessible.

Please also consider when being critical of ES quirks, that I do this, for the most part, on my own, in my free time and it is how I want it to be. If you want something different or think you can do it better, please go head and do it. SL is free for all and many people do open club spaces for this reason, because nothing else meets their needs. This is exactly why I started ES after all and no, it is not going to meet everyone's needs.