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L$55,200 raised @ FF22. Wow!

Fantasy Faire 2022 - April 21 to May 8

Electro Space at FF22 - Tuesday 26 April , 11am to 3pm

YESSSSSS! Just amazing!

L$55,200 was raised on the deck of the Fairechylde during the Electro Space DJ performances yesterday.

ES friends turned out in support and I can't thank you enough. This is one event we look forward to every year, it matters and this is the most we have raised during ES performances at the Faire so far.

We partied hard to sets of Trance, Afro House, Cyberpunk/Eclectic and Disco/Funky House.

We matched donations from our Fantasy Faire friends and you even paid fines for swearing. 😂

The atmosphere was electric!! Very special. Thanks to everyone and Tom, Danilao and Easy for joining me this year. Thanks for being part of it. 💜

Fantasy Faire continues until May 8th. Be sure to allow some time to explore the 20 exclusively designed worlds, do a bit of shopping and keep donating if you can.

From the Fantasy Faire website

"Fantasy Faire 2022 has relayed L$7,531,491 ($30,125 USD) by the end of the sixth Faire day."

Fantasy Faire web:

Fairelands 2022 (with SLurls to each world)

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