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New Events @ Electro Space

Following on from the previous new season post, here is a separate post just highlighting what is new for 2022/2023 at Electro Space.

As always, if you book them and like them, we'll keep them and if you have further suggestions or wish to run your own event night at an Electro Space location, just get in touch :)

Techno Void [1 hour]

A new, mid month all Techno event on a Friday night. Keeping the 1 hour Jam feel, if you are a weekend DJ that likes playing with an all Techno crowd, this may be the event for you.

Held in the Void, September and October dates booked up fast and November is currently booking now.

Sunday Social [1 hour]

This new Sunday daytime House vibes event started in September and is held every fortnight from 6am to 10am. So far we have held this in the Downtown Tea Garden and it's been a great vibe. The next one is the Social Swamp on 16th October as it's the season!

Jukebox Party [2 hour]

Following the fun of recent Jukebox weekends with Honeycomb, this event replaces the X-Gen all music event and we'll theme based on your suggestions.

The 90s Jukebox was first in September and the 80s Jukebox is in the calendar.

2 hour sets, radio style so we can pack away the controller, just choose tracks, play, chat on mic and have fun :) Other suggestions so far are Rock/Metal Jukebox and a 50s Sock Hop!!

Spotlight [2 hour]

This is a night we have wanted to do for some time. 2 DJs, 2 different styles invited to play a 2 hour set that showcases themselves and their music choice.

We begin from October and we hope to include one Spotlight per month.

Fetish Friday [1 hour]

Fetish Fridays, yesss! One of my favourite events going back to 2007 and we're bringing it back.

One Friday per month, we'll have a different Fetish theme beginning with Halloween Fetish on Friday 28th October.

Each DJ and each hour of music will be focused around a 'feel' or a vibe. Music feels ... Dark, Sexy, Deep, Tribal, Fast, Bouncy, Exciting, Smooth ...

Look good, feel good . ❤️ 🎶


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