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Be Part of the 3ES Gallery

An invitation to our artistic friends in the Electro Space Community

Electro Space is 3 years old on May 1st and to celebrate, I'd love to share a collection of your art at a new gallery in ES Downtown, here on our web page and via Social Media.

Capture what you love about Electro Space; the people, the music, the community, the locations, the parties, the fun, the freedom, the crazy! and share to our Facebook group and/or Flickr page before 17th May.

Photos, original art, videos, gifs, music, poems, gestures - get creative and get involved.

The most important thing as always is to have fun with it :)

Please note, this is not a competition, we're celebrating the community we're a part of and I hope to share everyone's art in some way by the end of May, our anniversary month.

Any queries, just message me :)



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